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In the past few days, Summer Girl, A Novel has garnered three new five star reviews! Total reviews on Amazon now equall 22, with an overall 4.9 average rating! The following are excerpts from the 3 new reviews.


"A not to be missed novel of love, life, and so much more...The relationship begins as an innocent first love but readers quickly realize there is much more to the story. Told and retold from 2 different perspectives, the reader is immersed in a story that is so wonderfully written it is no surprise that the author has a long list of awards..Fans of novels that delve into difficult subjects and explore the human spirit from despair to hope, from love to loss and back again will love this tale. Simple romance this isn't. Compelling fiction this absolutely is. Tough subjects are handled vividly and with a true understanding of the consequences of child abuse. The author is an award winning novelist for a reason."


"Summer Girl is a refreshing addition to the stories of young love and the awakening of body, spirit and mind. There is a synchronicity between the writing style and the content: simple, pure, innocent. The author creates a mood with her descriptions of characters and environment. A well-rounded presence of applicable events that reinforces the theme of the story...A very well-written book by a born storyteller."


"Summer Girl by Linda Watkins is not your typical summer love story. We all know summer love, boy and girl meet and spend every moment together during the summer. Summer ends and boy and girl go their separate ways never to see or hear from each other again. But that is not Andi and Jake's story, not even close...The book is so much more than a summer love story, it touches on hard subjects like sexual abuse and coming of age trials…things you don't expect to be in a light reading book. But all together it was a good read with a happy ending. I'd like to read more from Linda Watkins."


To read all 22 reviews of Summer Girl, please visit  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H6NPMXL

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