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SARAH & ZOEY, A Story About the Power of Unconditional Love

From award-winning author, Linda Watkins, comes a story of two women, from different walks of life, and the one dog who loved them both....

A feature writer for the Boston Globe, Sarah Palmer had it all – beautiful apartment, a job she loved, and a family she adored.

A thousand miles away, Mindy Sue Watson didn’t have it so good. Trapped in a marriage to an abusive alcoholic, her only pleasure was in tossing a ball for a skinny dog she'd adopted from the local shelter.

"Sarah & Zoey" is the tale of these two women and the one remarkable dog who saved them both. It is a story of the power of friendship and unconditional love.

A brief excerpt from "Sarah & Zoey" -

"He flexed his fingers, waiting for her, anger and frustration mounting with every second. Just before she opened the door, she turned again and tossed the ball for the dog, laughing as she moved.

"Hearing that sound, Randall James thought he might explode."

"Sarah & Zoey" is now available exclusively on Amazon in both eBook and print formats. It is also available to read for "FREE" with KindleUnlimited.

"Three disparate lives - two human, one canine - whirl through a circle of circumstance that is poignant, involving, and especially moving to dog lovers who want a novella about crisis, escape, and recovery. Sarah and Zoey can be read in short segments, so it's perfect for busy fiction readers who want high drama packed into succinct chapters. The mechanics whereby loss and endangered lives heal are nicely portrayed in a winning story that emphasizes hope and offers an involving tale dog lovers will relish." ~D. Donovan, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"Every character is beautifully drawn, the contrasting lives and settings are vivid and so very different, the pace is fast, and the end utterly unpredictable. Sarah & Zoey is a powerful, heart-tugging story that must be read at one sitting; it’s too enthralling to put down. I loved this five-star novella, and I’ll be looking for more by Linda Watkins” ~Sarah Stuart for READERS FAVORITE

“A heart-warming novella with a feel-good factor that readers of this genre will enjoy immensely.” ~Jane Finch for READERS FAVORITE

"I loved this book! Even though the opening scenes were full of portent and dread (reading along, knowing something terrible was going to happen but no way to stop it) we learn of a woman who loses her husband and son to a freak accident; and another woman, a battered wife who is almost killed by her abusive spouse but is saved by her loyal dog, and then find that the dog is dragged almost to death by that husband… Where do you go from there? This awesome weaving of two injured women tied together by a remarkable dog is a story you won’t soon forget. I only wish it were longer, and I’m begging for a sequel!" ~Sherrill S. Cannon, Award-winning Author of "The Golden Rule."